⭐You look like Shit⭐

⭐You look like Shit⭐said one of Managers to me yesterday.

I could not have been PROUDER of her and it ALMOST brought me to tears (which will never happen).

As some of you know, I am struggling with #Mentalhealth opportunities and I find a new challenge everyday; the past four weeks have been uncontrollable tremors that put the Swedish Chef to shame.

Anyways, back on topic.
👉Why am I so proud that she said that directly to me?
Simple, it showed me that the #Culture that I planted.over a year ago has come to fruition.

……But wait, isn’t someone telling you, you look like shit offensive, insulting or even an #HumanResources issue?

Nope and not for me. It is the reverse as it shows me that my Team is confident enough to tell me the truth without repercussions .
This has led to a PHENOMENAL year for us based on not being afraid to be transparent with each other.

It is simply stated; having a #Culture of #Transparency leads to trust, lower turnover and an increase in efficiency.

🥊We need to hold each other accountable.
🥊We should not be afraid to say I don’t know.
🥊We should able to speak the truth
🥊Otherwise stop wasting my time.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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