White Space.

Now this is EITHER interesting, funny or just stupid.
Not quite sure which.
I asked a #Recruiter for some #Feedback
as to why my application got rejected.

👉 She replied – Too much White Space.

Too much White Space? I replied back.

Yes – She said.

👉 I asked her to define.

White Space as I was thinking it was due to lapses in Employment between dates to which I can explain.

👉 Her response affected me like a scene in Star Wars when a SpaceShip goes into Warp Drive; as I saw those Multi Colored lines that create the impression of speed racing in front of me.

White Space equalled just that.

👉 She was not attracted to the Resume due to lack of colors.

Yes, colors.

What happened next before going into a Rainbow Shock?

I thanked her for letting me know & politely wished her a PHENOMENAL day.

I shared this experience with the Company’s Head of Recruitment & ended up having a great conversation with him.

He agreed with what I shared & appreciated the feedback.

Nothing came out of this chat besides being able to #Connect with someone and share thoughts.

This to me made the experience well worth it.

🙏Hey, you can’t always hit a Home Run but when you do please make sure there is a Trail of Glitter following it.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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