Whiteboard Should NEVER be White.

Out of all the High Tech Gadgetry, my favorite tool to Coach my Team remains the White Board.

👉 A clean slate where ideas are drawn out and come to life.
👉 A place where you panic when you write on the board with a permanent marker. I can see the smirk on your face as we have all been there.

I use the whiteboard to build Accountability and Ownership when rolling out a New Program or just presenting in a Meeting.

This allows the Group to write on the slides which increases participation and gets your Team to move around.


The ability to start with a blank slate & have the Team fill it out Live & in the Moment.
NB: I do have the presentation built out before to ensure all the topics are covered.

So you may be be asking, who is typing the ideas & answers into the slides as the day progresses?
Wait, wait, wait..
Mind Blown!

👉After each slide is filled out and a quick check for understanding, A picture is taken of the board and sent out immediately to the Team.

This may not work for every Meeting as you need to know your Audience, but it does help squash your Audience from being focused on their Smartphones and keeping their heads up and focused forward.

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