What’s that Sound going Down?

Store Managers, District Managers, Regional Manager, Human Resource Managers or just about anyone that is in a Leadership role; how often do you take the Temperature within your Sphere of Influence?

👉Walk into a Store and Stop, Look and Listen.
1. What do you hear, see, feel? Do you feel Welcomed in the Store?
2. Are Employees approaching you with their concerns?
3. Are NEW Ideas being brought to the surface?
3. Does your Team scurry like cockroaches when you walk by?
Did you answer ‘No’ to any of these questions? Or ‘Yes’ to number 3?
If you nodded your head then maybe you should:

Press “Pause” on Downloading and Start Uploading ideas and Information from your Teams.

👉As a Leader your one and ONLY GOAL should be taking care of your Teams and BREAKING DOWN the Barriers by Talking, Listening, Seeking Feedback and Repeating.

YOUR GOAL during your Store Visits or working alongside your Teams should be to have an ‘AHA’ from one of your Team Members; and no not the music group from the 80’s.

SHARE, CARE & DARE others to be their best by Motivating and Challenging them to Think, React and Appreciate the part they play towards to the Common Goal.

– RenegadeRetailer

Enjoy the Veal.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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