Training: Truth, Validation and Reality.

How are you Validating your Team Members training?

  • Are you assuming it is going well because you have been told so.
  • Have you been religous following up during the Check in points? Are there Check In points?
  • Are you actually doing sanity checks to be able to Celebrate the Wins with the Trainer and Trainee?
  • Are you course correcting when Opportunities arise?
  • Is the Training actually being done or are the new Team Members being used to fill absences on the floor?

We spend so much time, money and emotion towards getting our Teams wired towards the importance of Training, but is it actually happening?
We tend to roll out New Training and Development programs with AMAZING VIGOR and HOOPLA but only to have them drop off the Radar three months later

Why are we letting this happen?

👉I dont have all the answer, but some of us are a lazy bunch of homosapiens who believe things will just fall into place without followup.

To help circumvent our “sometimes” lack of followup; here are some best practice I have implemented:

  • Implement a time frame and stick to it. No ifs and or buts…Ha! I said buts. Input the training schedule into your Outlook, Google, AOL, Daytimer, Palm, Casio or whatever you use…but use it.
  • Training comes before taking a cash because someone called in sick. Pretend your new hire is a ghost and only you can see them. You can even code name them Casper.
  • Does the New Hire have a Mentor they can refer to when you too busy taking your 54th Conference Call of the day or answering your Urgent emails about your endcaps being dusty?
  • Checkin points? When, Where, How, Who, Why, Wookie want a Cookie? These are extremely important since it sets up a routine and a weekly verification of what yourTrainee has learned or needs your guidance to course correct.
  • Does your entire Team know that this Trainee is a Trainee and to not have them expect to be able to answer the Profitability of the Third shelf of Decorative Ribbons and their weekly turns?
  • On the abve note. does your Team know the name of your New Trainee or do they think its just some random Customer “playing retail”.
  • Do they have an area to place their training material and work on it? This does not mean the Janitors closet or under the desk a la George Costanza.
  • Simple enough. There is always other Best Practices, use the ones that work best for you and your Establishment….but at the end of the day and the end of it all…the Training of your New Team Member must be completed on Schedule and with the utmost Respect and Care.

👉Otherwise it would be cheaper just to ask that Customer who is stealing from you as it seems they know the product and how your Store works better than your Employees.

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