Upper Retail Management. Yes, I am Talking to You.

👉 Upper #Management if you are going to visit your Stores, please be ready to set an example and help stock the shelves, mop the floors, be a Greeter AND put away that #Smartphone and blend in with the Team.

Make sure you have your trusty Old School notepad to take notes of the Good, Bad and Ugly opportunities and rank them according to importance.

👉 Remember NOT everything is URGENT otherwise your notes just become a checklist and not a Coaching & Learning Opportunity.

👉 Please remember that no one should be critiqued in front of others (that is what a private CoffeeChat is for).

👉 If something is not “Right” please take the initiative to fix or demonstrate as to what the expectations are.

Set the Example,
Lead by Example,
Be the Example.

👉 Be a Player, otherwise don’t even think about entering the Store if you are in your 3 piece suit and not ready to get down and dirty in the trenches.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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