Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

Ok.ok.ok…bring it on as I know some of you will say WTF.

Who else is tired of seeing reposts of a post where the reposter 🙂 writes:

👉This person is brilliant…etc.

I shake my head in disbelief as to how many fall in to this trap of liking or commenting on a post that is watered down and has been repeated since the dawn of time.

Regurgitating quotes is not a crime, but doing so to get “likes” and being the popular kid in the school yard should be.

Yes, there are some classic quotes worth repeating over and over but they bring nothing to the table after being repeated so many time.

What can we do to solve this and resucitate these quotes from the quote GRAVEYARD?

⭐ Add some value by telling your story as to how this relates to you.

⭐ Tell a story about a time that this quote came to life.

⭐ What changes would you make to the quote to make it relevant to today’s culture.

Mic drop.

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