Transparency. Drop the Mic.

It’s Story Time about #Transparency that led to my Team’s success as well as my own.

It all started many years ago in a Galaxy far away when I realized most so called #Leaders were afraid to tell the truth or have the truth delivered back to them.

Well, I decided to flip this on it’s head and adopt a Mantra of two way Transparency.

Did this work? Yes.

👉 Was it easy. No.
👉 Did it sting. Yes.
👉 Was it appreciated? Sometimes.😏

After a year of success my #Team won the Presidents Club and I had to write a Synopsis of how we did it.

Others wrote paragraphs about Pizza Parties, Gatherings, Cetificates….all that non productive bullshit we all do, when we just don’t care anymore.

I wrote…one word:



The definition of Transparency that my Team and I adopted was simple:

👉 Two way NON judgemental conversations that enabled the individual to be better at what they do.

👈 We were free to speak our minds about what was going well and what wasn’t going right.

It wasn’t easy at first but it worked because each of my Managers walked away with a Substantial Bonus, and I got a Certificate and a Pizza Party….Booyakasha!

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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