Where O’ Where?

I have been offline the last three days for a good reason.

Thank you Heidi Cave and Ken Mancuso šŸ™.

Thank you for helping my family through the last 3 days where we lost our electricity due to the Ice Storm.

Without your help Mr. Ralph šŸ¦Ž (alongside my other pets) would have suffered and we would have lost the contents of our fridge.

It was a long and cold 3 days, but it just adds another story to a long list of my last 50 years on this Blue šŸŒŽ Marble.

I appreciate you.

šŸ¤” Is there someone you appreciate and would like to share on the comment section below?

Have a PHENOMENAL šŸ¤© Day

šŸ™šŸ™šŸ½šŸ™šŸ¼ š—£š˜€: š—œš—³ š˜†š—¼š˜‚ š˜€š—²š—² š—® ā˜• š—–š—¼š—³š—³š—²š—² š—–š˜‚š—½ š—¶š—°š—¼š—» š—¼š—» š˜š—µš—¶š˜€ š—½š—®š—“š—², š—½š—¹š—²š—®š˜€š—² š—±š—¼š—»ā€™š˜ š—Æš—² š—®š—³š—暝—®š—¶š—± š˜š—¼ š—°š—¹š—¶š—°š—ø š—¼š—» š—¶š˜ š—®š—»š—± š—•š˜‚š˜† š— š—² š—® š—–š—¼š—³š—³š—²š—² š—®š˜€ š—¶š˜ š˜€š˜‚š—½š—½š—¼š—暝˜š˜€ š˜š—µš—² š—³š—¼š˜‚š—»š—±š—®š˜š—¶š—¼š—» š—¼š—³ š˜„š—µš—®š˜ š—œ š—±š—¼ š—³š—¼š—æ š—Æš—¼š˜š—µ š—ŗš˜† š—„š—²š—»š—²š—“š—®š—±š—² š—¦š—¶š˜š—²š˜€.

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