3 Days of Insights into the Life and Madness of a RENEGADERETAILER.

Happy Monday!

Coming up this Wednesday is the annual #bellletstalk day. I would like to share some insight towards someone living with Bi-Polar 2 as all may not as it seems.

I have been living with BP2 all my life but only until recently it has been diagnosed correctly.

The signs were there:
👉Rapid Speech.
👉Major Depression.
👉Sudden Anxiety Attacks .
👉Racing thoughts.
Marked loss of interest or feeling no pleasure in activities.

People who know me know that I hide some of the symptoms through laughter, but on the flip side I hide in my shell more than you may know.

♥️This is why I love #Retail as it’s pieces are always moving and it gives me the energy I need to push myself forward.

This will never leave me and therefore I need to be friends with it.
I am presently on 15+ pills a day and they are starting to work —but I now have hand tremors that make me throw my coffee randomly out of my hand.

So why am I sharing this with you? Simple – it’s cathartic and I hope my experiences will open your eyes to someone in your circle who is struggling with #Mentalhealth.

Here are some links to stories I have written on my blog about living with #BP2.


Happy Tuesday!

Coming up this Wednesday is the annual #bellletstalk day.
I would like to add some more insights from yesterday’s post about living with Bi-Polar 2.I have been living with BP2 all my life but only until recently it has been diagnosed correctly.

The signs were always there but I always pushed them aside….for no particular reason.

If you have seen Forrest Gump you will remember the scene where he just STOPS running across the USA………this is the same for me.

I was tired of always hiding it and putting a mask on everyday……it’s exhauting, very exhausting https://lnkd.in/eQyV53r and confusing to many.

This is why I am sharing my story with you, so you can stop running.

No one at any time should be afraid to openly discuss what they are going through.

It is not a taboo,
It is not a sickness you can catch,
…..but it is a window into another dimension that others may not be lucky enough to have the chance to explore and be part of.
It’s a PHENOMENAL journey that we can only understand, itˋs our own secret club.

Happy Wednesday!

Yes, I was Crazy, Lazy & sometimes Driving Miss Daisy but now I understand why & would like to share my story with you.

My choice to share my story is simple:

👉I’m hoping to help erase the Stigma.

👉I want to thank many of you for understanding and being supportive.

👉It’s cathartic.

So what is my story that has impacted me & others surrounding me?

⭐I am BiPolar2 which I control with medication & humor.

⭐I am BiPolar2 that can make my shared thoughts leaving you saying “huh”?

⭐I am BiPolar2 and I am not faking exhaustion.

The signs were always there but my Career in Retail gave me the ability to surpress them due to the level of activity & pace which allowed my mind to be active and forget reality.

I hid this from my Family, Peers & Friends for many years but I am sure many noticed but didn’t know how to help or was it just ‘Cary’ being ‘Cary’.

I never asked for help even though I knew something was wrong.

So why am I bringing this up today? Simple.

⭐I thank The World’s Greatest Soap Opera – #Retail for allowing me to hide the symptoms that made me have “Character”.⭐

In the end the Devil will always be there, but now I can control him/her..

If you would like to learn more about my experiences please feel free to contact me.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.