This Made my Day.

😀Now this made my day!

During my usual coffee break someone politely interrupted my listening to Daft Punk with a – Bonjour.

👉This Hello though wasn’t just from anyone;
it was from Sophie the first member of my Blockbuster Team I hired when we were entering the Quebec Market.

This was 23 years ago and we reconnected over a Hello 👋and a Coffee☕ like time never separated us.

That hug never felt so good.

I am so proud of Sophie for her life accomplishments and beautiful daughter.

Yes, Retail can be 💥Stressful, 💭Frustrating, 👀Mind Numbing, 💦a Kick in the Crotch….whatever.

To me Retail will always be the
☆Worlds Greatest Soap Opera☆
as you will never really know the impact you made on someone’s life as the Main Characters keep on changing……but …the Connections you make will be everlasting.

Thank you Sophie for putting that Pep back into my Step.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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