Bipolar and Call to the Mental Health Ministry

This is a great insight and post from my friend Kitt O’Malley.

Since I was in my early twenties following my grandfather’s death, I had a sense of religious calling. Now that I’m fifty-nine years old, I can look back over my life and see a purposeful pattern. Everything I learned, all my struggles, education, and work experience, gave me the knowledge and skills I needed to take care of my mental health, be a good mother, be a good wife, care for my parents when they suffered from dementia at the end of their lives, and be a mental health advocate.

That I attended my seminary in my forties, AFTER I had been voluntarily hospitalized for bipolar, indicates that my sense of calling never quite died. Given my history of mental illness, I’ve questioned my sense of religious calling, and whether I was suited for ordination and pastoral ministry.

Still, after my psychiatric hospitalization, which I discussed openly with my pastor, he recommended me for seminary. While at Fuller Seminary, I wrote a Mental Health Ministry manual. As I explored what my calling was, it became clear that I was called to a mental health ministry.

Now, I don’t even go to church. When I become involved in group activities, like attending church, I get overstimulated, overwhelmed, and overextended. I do better with solitude. Praying alone or with my husband.

Both my religious and mental health recovery journeys have led to acceptance. Acceptance is essentially a spiritual experience. Whatever your faith, whether you believe in a higher purpose, to accept yourself is to love yourself.

I am not weak. I am vulnerable. I am not perfect and flawless. I am loved, lovable, and loving. My life has meaning. My life experience gives me purpose in helping others. I am grateful that I can write and speak to share my journey with others, hoping that it inspires others to accept themselves.

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