Baby Steps in Retail.

Baby steps in #Retail.
In Retail it all starts with the first step that starts at the Interview Process and following that the Onboarding process.

Screw either one of these up, your new Superstar hire will trip and fall flat on their face……but that never happens does it?

We need to remember that your new hire is like a child in the process of discovering their surroundings and how things work.

It is your responsibility to ensure that they are able to walk before they can run.

👉Baby steps lead to Walking.

👉Walking leads to Running.

👉Running leads to a Positive Energy that makes the new hire feel good about themselves.

👉Positive Energy leads to directional #motivation to which your new hire feels comfortable in their new surroundings and are starting to navigate themselves.


Directional Motivation equals a reduction in #Turnover, an increased #Employee and #Customer Experience and growth for your new hire and the Company.

So what is the lesson?

Don’t fuck up the Interview and #Onboarding process.

Too harsh? Well so is a turnover rate of 150%.

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