The Hidden Disease.

I am drowning.

πŸ‘‰ I am drowning in a spiral of Depression and Extreme Anxiety.

… before anything else goes off the beaten path, I need you to understand the following.

😳 Dare I?
😳 Should I?

… Ok here I go.

I consider my state Mental Health state my “Hidden Disease,” that manifests beneath my surface,
chipping away at my sanity and concealing its profound impact on me daily.

Unlike some of my many other physical ailments, my Mental Health kick in the ass struggles are not always visible, making them difficult for you to detect or smell what the Rock is Cooking.

🚨 … but this “Hidden Disease” within me is no different from any other disease that festers amongst us and needs to be recognized as such without a stigma.


Beneath my façade of smiles and seemingly ordinary life, I am consistently suffering due to my Mental Health Disorder | Hidden Disease.

Being BiPolar and having Anxiety, Depression, fester within me and hiding them from the prying eyes of Friends, Family, and Colleagues has been nothing more than exhausting.

πŸ™Š I have become a master of disguise by concealing my Big Brains emotional storm behind a carefully constructed mask of normalcy.

I am Batman 😏.

I believe and will continue to repeat that the invisibility of my daily struggles is not a sign of Weakness, but a testament of my resilience while I battle these internal Demons πŸ‘Ή.

Unfortunately, the very invisibility of these battles can be damning.
Little known to those that surround me.

Breaking the stigma surrounding having a Mental Health “issue” is crucial to unveiling this “Hidden Disease”.

To do so we need to start educating others and opening minds towards having dialogues as these are powerful tools to challenge the misconceptions and biases that surround Mental Health opportunities.

This is one reason that the Renegade BiPolar Mind exists at: http://www.RenegadeBPMind.Org

… I am on the verge of exhaustion writing this, so let’s wrap this up.

πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ½ I strongly believe that when someone feels safe and supported, they are more likely to seek the help they need, and society can progress towards acknowledging that their Mental Health state is not only a moment in time but should also be considered as a “Disease”.

In reality, by me shedding light on my “Hidden Disease” | Mental Health, we can all start better understanding, provide support, and ultimately help those who suffer find the path to healing and recovery.

Please take it from me as I continue to be in that spiral and only have realized that in the last few months that I have a 🀯 Disease of the Mind and need to accept it as such.

🫑 There I said it.

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