Let YOUR Ego Go.

Mind Blown!

I am always amazed how many Managers believe that they are Shnizzel of the Dizzel of the Retail Hizzle. Comprendre? Ego much?

It is a shame how many Leaders, Managers, Coaches think they are the kings of their box. Egos are the black death, the mould, the virus of the Retail World. They are the Apex Predators of their store.

Who gave them that ego, attitude, faux hawk? Let me guess; is it because you have a Title, a Corporate old school Blue Blackberry, or is it because of your lazy ass District Manager telling you so because they don’t want to drive to your store that is 17.4 minutes away.

2 years of experience gives you no right to claim retail battle wounds, scars, or daily tremors. Do you have any permanent Mental or Physical scars, do you dream at night that customers keep on filing into your store even though it’s closed, does your leg vibrate like a phone even though your phone is on your desk, is your better half continuously texting a “long lost High School gay friend” and needs to meet with him or her because they are sexually confused?……….if you haven’t had any of these..

then FUCK OFF rookie.

👉If you are the Game, then why isn’t your Championship belt wrapped around your 42” inch waist. Let me guess, it doesn’t fit because of the all the friggin fast food you are eating behind your desk for more than 10 hours a day. Why 10 hours, well common retail folklore states that the longer you stay at work, you become a legend, a martyr, and idiot as well as a divorcee.


Ok now, my rant is over, but the truth to all of this is that many Leaders, Manager, Coaches or whatever new politically title is out there DOES NOT GIVE you the right to claim that you are the ‘THE GAME’.

You ONLY have the right to call yourself ‘THE GAME’ once you have proven yourself though:

  • Financial Growth.
  • Personal Growth.
  • Profitability Growth.
  • Team Member Growth.
  • Organic Community Growth.
  • Consistency with all of the above.
  • Ability to Eat, Drink, Sleep and Repeat with the ability to maneuver around the constant shots that are taken at you from EVERYONE.
  • Work | Life Balance.
  • Ability to take time off without working.
  • You are Health and Mental status are above average sometimes.

👉Under no circumstance if you are not able to control or outperform the above Year over Year and in different Scenarios, then you are NOT ‘THE GAME’ but just a chimp who believes they are because of all the bananas thrown there way from their Leaders….who by the way way are Assholes if they misled you.

STOP IT NOW and become ‘THE GAME’…..it doesn’t happen overnight, over a week, over a month or even a year. It will take time and cannot be rushed otherwise the game cannot be sustained due to the pain in your brain from the stain that was retained during the ride on the train to your fame.

👉25 years later, I am still learning and churning and still playing The Game. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, sometimes I get checkmated, and other time the crap is beaten out of me…psychologically.

During the last 25 years i have sustained the following scars or “experiences”

  • Being pulled over a counter by my tie.
  • Experience being temporarily “Legally Blind”.
  • Kidney Stones.
  • Vertigo.
  • 12 Stitches in different areas.
  • Downsized 4 times.
  • Threatened to be fired countless times from Customers, just because they know someone.
  • Acid reflux.
  • Hair loss.
  • Hair gain ….on my back.
  • Working more than I can count for ‘free’.
  • Mentally harassed.
  • Moved across the Country twice.

“It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get back up”

– Vince Lombardi

At the end of the day, I will always come back to play The Game as it is the most fun you can have while getting paid for it.

“It’s all about the game, and how you play it. All about control, and if you can take it. All about your debt, and if you can pay it. It’s all about pain, and who’s gonna make it.”

– Motorhead

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