That’s All Folks 👍.

It’s the end.
It’s the end of a PHENOMENAL 🤩 2 weeks of vacation.


⭐ It’s the start of a New Position as the Regional Trainer for Eastern Canada with Google.

⭐ It’s the start of kicking some ass and continuing to post new videos and articles on a more consistent basis.

⭐ It’s to continuing on my Journey of #MentalHealth stability and the #Retail #Leadership Marathon that I have been on for the last 35 years.

…and most of all it’s about:

👍 Enjoying each sunrise and sunset 🤩.

👍 Enjoying what life hands to me, even the curveballs like the car accident I had last week (while my own car is in the bodyshop for someone hitting me 凉).

👍 Enjoying watching the bees that are all around my back yard with the wild flowers I planted.

And to everyone in my #linkedin family,

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Have a PHENOMENAL 🤩 day.

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