A Thank You would have Been Nice.😁

Here I was shopping at a local #Retailer and found the Security Keys for all the locks in the Store.
In the wrong hands this would have cost a ton of $$$ not only in product theft but in also re-coreing all of the Stores key locks.

As I have experienced this situation and knowing the embarrassment that comes with it, I made sure that I gave the keys back to the #Employee who was merchandising the aisle.

His reaction was – Oh that’s where they were, and he walked away.

No thank you, No eye contact….Nada.

As I was leaving the Store I saw the Floor #Manager and let him know of what just happened for his reference.

You know what happened next?
👉No thank you, No eye contact….Nada.

This is why Retail is dying.

It is not all due to #Ecommerce, but it doesn’t help that their is lack of a positive #Customer Experience in the Store.

No one seems to cares anymore.

….and you know where this starts?

Not at the the Store Level but further up where these types of behaviours are accepted because the effort to change them takes time and work to do so.

Let’s start pointing that finger inwards instead of outwards.

What are your thoughts?

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