Tattoos, Piercings and being an Individual. Oh My!

Believe it or not, working in #Retail with piercings and tattoos is becoming accepted…..slowly but surely and please stop calling me Shirley.

Never give in or give up on who you are because someone is jealous of your style.


šŸ™šŸ™šŸ½šŸ™šŸ¼ š—£š˜€: š—œš—³ š˜†š—¼š˜‚ š˜€š—²š—² š—® ā˜• š—–š—¼š—³š—³š—²š—² š—–š˜‚š—½ š—¶š—°š—¼š—» š—¼š—» š—ŗš˜† š—•š—¹š—¼š—“ š—½š—®š—“š—²š˜€, š—½š—¹š—²š—®š˜€š—² š—±š—¼š—»ā€™š˜ š—Æš—² š—®š—³š—暝—®š—¶š—± š˜š—¼ š—°š—¹š—¶š—°š—ø š—¼š—» š—¶š˜ š—®š—»š—± š—•š˜‚š˜† š— š—² š—® š—–š—¼š—³š—³š—²š—² š—®š˜€ š—¶š˜ š˜€š˜‚š—½š—½š—¼š—暝˜š˜€ š˜š—µš—² š—³š—¼š˜‚š—»š—±š—®š˜š—¶š—¼š—» š—¼š—³ š˜„š—µš—®š˜ š—œ š—±š—¼ š—³š—¼š—æ š—Æš—¼š˜š—µ š—ŗš˜† š—„š—²š—»š—²š—“š—®š—±š—² š—¦š—¶š˜š—²š˜€

Have a PHENOMENAL šŸ¤© Day.

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