Sweet Dreams are made of this.

Early on in my #Retail career I was the be all and end all.

I knew everything and had to share my knowledge with everyone no matter if they were busy, in a meeting or just giving me the sign to fuck off until later…..I could just not shut my trap.

This continued for many years until I finally realized I was only spinning my wheels due to the
self-awareness portion of my brain was on pause.

👉So what was my solution?

Waking it up and putting it into drive.
(It also did not help that I was yet to be diagnosed as being BiPolar 2 to which we are a chatty and sometimes incomprehensible bunch 😆).

I sought the help of a close peer who I knew had the guts and cared enough to let me know what others are saying and how I should/could course correct this opportunity.

In Retail it’s not always about the one who screams the loudest, works the longest hours or makes sure someone notices what they do.

It really about and simple as:

👉Not flapping ones lips for just the sake of doing so.
👉Listen to what is being said.
👉Knowing when to speak.
👉If there is nothing to add to the conversation 👉 then just shut the fuck up.

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