You gotta be Fucken kidding me!

Now that’s interesting.😏

I had a comment today from one of my followers that I found concerning, yet a reflection of today’s society.

They told me that they were afraid to “Like” or comment on my posts in case their employer saw that they gave it a thumbs up and it reflected their ideology.

👉Yes, my posts are Raw.
👉Yes, my posts are Real.
👉But my posts are not Revolutionary.

Why have we become so timid & afraid to not be able to express ourselves with just a thumbs up?
By liking or agreeing with an article not only makes you an individual standing out from the crowd,
but you are flexing your rights of freedom of speech.

👉My articles are based on years of experience.
👉My articles are written mostly from the point of the Retail Foundation – Employees.
👉My articles have grammatical errors and spelling mistakes as I write as I speak.

My posts are there to open up a discussion & give food for thought as to why or why not Retail is supposedly facing the APOCALYPSE.

To my follower who let me know their concern – thank you, as you are not alone, but please do not be afraid to stand up & like something you believe in.

If you believe that you will get slapped on your hand because you liked something, then maybe this isn’t the right Company for you.

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