Just a Simple Post with a Tear in my Eye.

This post will be a Simple One.
No Fluff.
No Pomp and Circumstance.

Just a BIG Thank You to Gregory Otte for the shout out and recognition you gave me during our 2021 National Kick Off Call for my transparent and honest approach towards bringing #Mentalwellness to the forefront.

As you may or may not know, throughout the last 3 years I have written in a revealing and open fashion about my struggles with #MentalHealth (hoping to help others) alongside my love and passion for #Retail, with a limited knowledge of how my posts have affected others.

Greg, your recognition put tears in my eyes and caught me off guard, to which I will never forget.

Thank you.

Unexpected Recognition
is the Greatest Gift of All.
It doesn’t Cost anything to do,
but is Worth it’s Weight in Gold.
– RenegadeRetailer

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