Do YOU Want to Know a Secret?

Clowns to the Left of Me, and Jokers to the Right?
Here I am Stuck in the Middle with You.
– Steelers Wheel

👉Do you want to know a Secret to a happier mind in this #SoapOpera we call Retail?

⭐Focus on what You do best and show it off to Everyone
⭐Don’t get Entangled in the Politics of being in a FishBowl.
⭐Don’t be a #BOBBLEHEAD and Nod Yes to the StatusQuo.
⭐If you don’t feel right with what is being done, presented, or said.
Let it out and share your thoughts.
You will be AMAZED that others do agree with you and will listen.
⭐Be the one who brings the #Change that will shed
the light and crack open the window of the old #Retail School to new thoughts and an Air of Freshness.

Biting your tounge hurts. Speak your Mind.

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