What did you just say?

What? What?

We all speak at least one language or another, but it seems like in #Retail we need a Star Trek translator to decipher what has just been said or what needs to be done.

Why does this seem to be in Retail a consistent game of broken telephone?

👉Well it is simple as everyone assuming that their Peers are all on the same level of experience, education and learning curve.

NO ONE EVER should ever assume this is the case, otherwise you will have less than a 50% absorption rate and therefore you just wasted your time as your audience has now left the room with a bigger question mark than the Jack Nicholson version of the Joker.

So how do you correct this?

It really as simple as:
1. Ensuring that a 5 year old is able to understand what your trying to get across. If not, redo it.
2. Do a sanity check and ask if your audience has understood what was just laid out in front of them.
3. Use terms everyone understand and try not to show off that you are a Superior Being – NO ONE cares.
4. Now for the fun part, choose someone to explain what has just been said.

BONUS: Finally stop with the fucked up acronyms for everything. Are you actually trying to save time? D’Oh.

Was this clear?
Easy to understand?
Made you think?

Than my job is done.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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