Role Playing: Who would have Thunk.

⭐ROLE PLAYING⭐ is an Arch Nemesis to many. So much so some have avoided it by faking an Emergency phone call….my finger pointing inwards.

Now being older & somewhat wiser I look forward towards Role Playing but in a different way.

Role Playing is an acquired taste as we tend to lump everyone into one basket when rolling it out during a Retail Million Dollar meeting.

👉But what happens if it isn’t everyone’s Cup of Tea? So what do we do then? We change the game around & have the Leadership Team set the examples and only then ask for Volunteers.

By doing so the ice is broken and the ones who want to participate will & the ones who don’t will still get something out of it.

👍Remember that Role Playing doesn’t need to be formal, loud, or only for good examples.

We don’t realize how simple Role Playing can be; it real is as simple of flipping back a question asked to you for help by an Employee. Example (Employee): What do you think I should do in this situation? Example (Coach): What do you think YOU should do in this situation?

That is basically RP at the ground level & you don’t have to wait for an event to practice it.

🔥Remember, It should be non formulated, realistic, in tune with the Audience and fun. Now that didn’t hurt as much, did it?

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