I’m a Maniac on the Retail Floor.

I am a Maniac #Coach and #Leader on my #Retail sales floor.

What does this mean?

Well it can mean many things to different people but to me it’s all about the energy I bring to my #Team through my actions.

What defines actions?

πŸ‘‰ A Smile.
πŸ‘‰ A Thank You.
πŸ‘‰ Working alongside your Teams.
πŸ‘‰ Leading by example.
πŸ‘‰ Showing interest by listening.

I can list out a ton more actions, but what usually happens is that we let all the above drop by the way side and therefore any momentum goes “POOF”.

So then how do we S-U-S-T-A-I-N these really simple actions?

From my experience, you need to make it part of your #Culture and hold each other accountable to creating that vibe with the heavy bass on your Dance Floor.

…and what happens to the ones
that don’t want to follow your lead?

Well I believe you already know the answer; and if you don’t well get off the Dance Floor and let someone take your place with your partner.

No more excuses.

πŸ˜† Dance like there is no tomorrow.
😁 Dance to be a memorable Leader.
πŸ™ƒ Just Dance as if no one is looking.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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