Podcast #005: We have become Retail Pussies

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30+ years in #Retail…. how things have changed.
Back then:

👉 If you called an Employee to come in on their day off, they would be there even if there taxi ride made them lose money…and no Uber wasn’t available.

👉 A handshake was the commitment towards getting things done and not having to write a plan.

👉 Letting the #Employee know that their performance is below par, you didn’t have to sugar coat it and got straight to the point.

👉 If something had to be said it was said in the moment and not 2 days later because you had to think of the best way to say it without hurting someones feelings.

👉 There was no sense of individual entitlement but a call to get things done as a Team.

👉 No one left their job incomplete hoping for someone to take it over.

👉 Human Resources was the last resort and not the first as it is today.

👉 No smartphones. Enough said.

👉 Cough, Cough your Boss may have invited you to there office on Friday afternoon to share a shot to get the weekend started…and guess what? No one got hurt.

You may or may not agree with the above.

What are your thoughts?

What general changes have you seen in the last 30+ years?

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