Cringe worthy Retail Phrases.

What #Retail terms make you CRINGE the most.
Here are some of mine:

👉Team work makes the Dream work.

👉One Team, One Dream
….Hey Dude, your dream is not the same as my dream

👉Low Hanging Fruit
…. What my testicles?

👉I am being honest with you.
…..What were you before? Not honest?

👉We put 120% effort to make this happen.
…..Wow, you must be Superman flying around the earth backwards.

👉To tell you the truth
…..Sooooo what have you been doing before?

👉I am sorry but I do like you, so don’t take this personally.
…..I don’t care if you like me or not get out what you to say and stop being a chicken.

👉Any Morning Cheer.
….There is nothing worse then being forced to do one. It doesn’t bring anything to the table besides frustration amongst the Team.

Please feel free to share and comment below with the ones that are just on the tip of your tongue.

I guarantee that there are more out there.
Let’s get the ball rolling.
You’re it!

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