The Annoying Paper Trail.

You do not need to chop down a tree to develop a paper trail for your Associates to be able to celebrate the Good Times and the Bad times.
Developing the habit of taking notes and placing them in the Associates file is not Rocket Science but it will definately help you with their evaluation or when an exit strategy needs to be put into place.

👉What does a Paper Trail / Note look like?

Well you tell me.

👉#Google Notes.
👉The Calendar on your Phone.
👉A napkin from todays lunch to which you are not allowed to expense?

To me any one works but the easiset for you should become your habit.

Just as a heads up, using a Calendar App to input the day the discusion took place & later having to search (for a reference point) for the name and date of when the Associate was last spoken too will help tremendously .

So why the paper trail besides evaluations & exit strategies?

Simple, if you were to win a trillion dollars and leave the Company the next day, your replacement will be backed into a corner as old habits will be ressurecting from the dead.
This point of reference will be your armour.

Itˋs not hard to do.

And believe me your #HumanResources will give you a kiss on the forehed when you present them what you have done – even thought it was your job to do from the start.

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