My Relationship with Retail.

My relationship with The World’s Greatest Soap Opera – Retail is somewhat of a complex one, becaue it is dependant on something else.

👉Living and struggling with #Depression and #Anxiety all my life.

So how do these two work together and how do they allow me to succeed in Retail?

Simply, Retail gives me the chance to be myself and let my energy and creativity flow by suppressing the signs and symptoms and replacing them with Customer Complaints, Scheduling issues and of course Coaching others to succeed.

It has been along time coming to share this.
👉Some of you may have sensed it.
👉Some of you helped me.
…and most of you understood me.

Is writing about this going to hurt or put a stigma on my Career and myself?

If it does…oh well your loss, as I am nearing my peak performance and happiness due to finally knowing who I am and how to control this.

⭐Please feel free to reach out as I would very much appreciate sharing stories and what has helped me through this besides my Dog – Bella.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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  1. I agree with a 💯% that Retail keeps your mind busy. I have suffered with anxiety and depression, but working in Retail has helped the mind focus on the insanity at hand and not the scrambled thoughts that it likes to go to when I am not busy.

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