Church of the Poison in the Mind.

Today’s post is based around a song. I was listening to by Culture Club yesterday. Church of the Poison in the Mind by Culture Club, as I believe it refered to me and my state of mind.

When I was younger I knew I was different as always doing things differently as; being more hyperactive than others, tired more often than others, and the antisocial things.

The signs were always there but everyone just accepted it me being me.

👉 I was the funny guy. I was never serious.

👉 I always hid my depression through laughter it was amazing to see my yearbook one as of the quotes was; can you ever imagine Cary being serious? I hide everything under a veil of laughter or as it’s Joker would say go the smile.

Anyways in 2006, I was behind my desk at work and everything just froze up.

👉 I was catatonic.

👉 I could not move left or right.

👉 I could not get up or down.

This was cycling in and out for a couple of weeks until I finally went to a Doctor who let me that this was just a simple sign of depression and gave me the usual medication.

I think it was Lexapro or something like that.

That was over 15 years ago. The Poison in My Mind still lurks and tries to steer me in the direction it wants to go, but I am now somewhat able to take control of the wheel with new medication and a real Psychiatrist who cares about me.

👉 I still have episodes of #depression.

👉 I still have episodes of hyperactivity.

👉 I still am funny.

Enjoy the Veal. 😁😁😁

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.
#thatisall #mentalawareness

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