Podcast #004: The Madness Part of being BiPolar 2.

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Anyone who has followed me knows that my life has been a #Retail Journey mixed in with some Madness of being #Bipolar….but I have yet to expose the innerworkings of my mind and what has kept me in this tempest of internal conflict.

I hid these symptoms as far back in my daily life and in my career as far I can remember and the struggle was overwhelming on a daily basis trying to push them down just like the Whack a Mole game.

Some days were good where the gift of having Manic Episodes (that come with being BiPolar) gave me extreme creative energy and the other days were fighting with myself trying to understand why I felt trapped in my own body, unable to move, unable to think and just wanting to bury myself.

…but it’s all good for the most part. Oy!

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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