The Good Ole Retail Petri Dish.

ENOUGH ALREADY, are 2 words I hear constantly when someone in #Retail receives feedback about themselves or their store.

👉Why do we react in such a way?
👉Why do we let this bother us?

Retail is a machine that needs fine tuning & regular maintenance.
Let’s put it this way, do you have a Million+ dollars in your pocket to burn?
Imagine that being multiplied 2x / 50x & the investment being made in you to steer your ship.

🔥This is why we are under a microscope…..but this is Retail & to be b!unt, if you don’t like this sort of PERCEIVED pressure there are other #Careerchoices for all of us and without weekends.

After many years of trying to fight the system & usually losing, I share with my #Teams that as their #Coach:

1. If I don’t provide feedback to help you steer your ship, then the writing should be on the wall that I have no incling for you or your location to succeed. This should be taken as a sign of things to come.

2. Do you like $$$?
Well then, please realize I am trying to help you achieve your bonus & it is not for selfish reasons.

Please realize that in Retail you should never take anything personally & that you will always be under the microscope & in the Petri Dish alongside your peers

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