Paint by Numbers.

Who would have thunk that noticing ones New Shoes, asking how the Family is or getting that coffee on your way in to work could raise YOUR productivity levels and increase your bottom line.

I cannot talk about this enough, but I will continue to stress the importance of the “Little Things” being the building blocks to YOUR future success and Team Wins.

👉Many have told me that I don’t see the “Big Picture” and don’t plan enough in advance. many Peers used to critique my style…..and some still do.

⭐……but my style is like a boring paint by numbers; you may not see the picture that I am painting right away but believe me it is there; and once done your worries will unfounded.⭐

👉I believe by focusing on the smaller details the bigger picture starts to reveal itself and allows course correction along the way.

YES! There are times when a Big Picture needs to be painted without much thought or planning due to circumstances, but hopefully the pieces of the puzzle you have been developing are in place to let you go forward without regret or speed bumps.

So…without further rambling.

👉Build a foundation.
👉Reap the rewards from your Team who are ready to conquer all that is put in front of them due to your Planning and Painting skills.

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