Oooops! We did it again.

Sometimes when a Company thinks the proper way to solve a #customer issue is to just bury it, it is no fashion the way to handle it.

All customer opportunities:

1. Need to be seen through the lens of the customer, and when you are wrong you need to admit you are wrong instead of just passing the buck because there was a mistake on your end.

2. Listen, Listen and Listen as the frustrated customer maybe giving you tips on how to improve. Let them rant. Let them yell. Just let them express themselves and take what you can from it for future learning opportunities. Kapish?

3. Put your tail between your legs and accept you are not always perfect…and just fricken learn your lesson you dumb-ass.

4. Move on and take the hit. Nowadays if your customer satisfaction score goes sideways this is a place you don’t want to bury yourself and have to try to get out of. This potentially can hurt in the short and long run.

5. Most of all, value the feedback as you did not have to pay a consultant to get it. Eat it up.

So, can anyone guess why I am writing this…..

Yup some companies just don’t learn their lessons.

Actually more than once as they may definitely have blurred vision….hint hint…nudge nudge to the company I am referring to Good Look.

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