Retail Shmetail. Bada Bing Bada Boom.

✔️The only Game in Town.
✔️✔️The World’s Greatest Soap Opera.
✔️✔️Is where losers go when they can not get any other job. BULLSHIT!

Retail for me has become very lucrative after many years of cuts, scrapes and emotional issues.

Where else:

👉Can you potenially earn a salary in the 6 Figures ++ without a University Education.

👉Can you learn Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Purchasing without paying thousands of dollars for an Education.


👉It will take time and require you to absorb at a rapid pace.

👉You will lose your mind.

👉You will need to go through the Battlefields of Customer Service.

👉 You will need to fight hard to keep a balance of your Career vs Family for the first while.

and Yes, you will have dreams about losing your Deposit and Customer coming into the Store after closing.


👍You will be getting an INTENSE Education.

👍You will learn VALUABLE Leadership Skills

👍You will make Lifelong Friends.

and You will have some of the most Phenomenal Stories to share.

🚨Long live Retail, the WORLDS GREATEST SOAP OPERA.🚨

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