One at a Time. Repeat. One at a Time.

One Day, One Employee, One Customer at a Time. It really is as SIMPLE AS THAT.
– RenegadeRetailer

We have all been in the situation where we have had many vying for our attention. From multiple Employees wanting to tell you their frustrations or Customers trying to push their way into your line of site.

👉At the end of the day you are one person who can only focus one on situation at hand. As much as you may think you can Multi-Task, your attention span is only good until a Squirel runs in front of you……the Squirel being the NUT who is screaming for your recognition with a BUT,BUT,BUT.

This is where you need to take a deep breath, suck back that gut and hold up your hand and point your index finger to the sky and say – It will just be a minute or two or ten or until I finish with my active conversation with this Employee or Customer at hand.

👉It may or may not be understood by the Customers in line or your Employees at the time, but at the end of it all, it will allow you to spend the time necessary to listen and make a conclusion if this is something that you need to FOCUS ON or MOVE ON.

⭐Yes. we all have limited time in a day.

⭐Yes, our Standard Operating Procedures tell us we need to spend 12.8 seconds per Customer.

⭐Yes, yes, yes…..but,but,but……the attention and time you dedicate to a one on one conversation will help to innoculate our latest Social Disease – S.A.S’s – Short Attention Span

One at a Time. Repeat. One at a Time.

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