Oh…The Innocence.

Happy Wednesday.
I woke up this morning to a nice little Snow Storm.

The first Snow of the season always brings me back to the innocent times as to when I was kid without a worry rolling in the snow and freezing my rear off.

Not that I can’t do that now, but I would get a few stares but then again why should i care 🤣 ?


What does this Snow Fall remnd me of?

Well, I don’t know if this would be considered a good time by most,
but it sent me on the continued Journey I am on today.

Seven years ago,
due to a diabetic complication I became Legally Blind.


Legally Blind for around three months and I could not see more than a foot in front of me.

this is where the Journey and Madness of a RenegadeRetailer started.

Even without the precious ability of sight, I did not give in or give up.

I started to write and created my blog using two 52″ television with the largest font possible. (No, not Comic Sans, Oy.)

It was very frustrating at first and then became cathartic.

Miracles of all miracles,
I got back some of my eyesight, but only during the hours of 5am to 530am as this is when I walked to my local Starbucks and my eyeballs freezing into some sort of weird shape due to the cold.

Yes, this actually happened.

Anyways, not to ramble on any longer; here is the first blog entryI wrote:
👉 First Blog entry: https://renegaderetailer.blog/2021/01/11/wreckingball/

Please enjoy, and let me know your thoughts as this is a
Lifelong Journey and gift that continues to give me the ability to share with you and hopefully help others who are on the same path.

Have a PHENOMENAL 🤩 Day.

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