Mystery Shoppers: Are they Necessary?

👉Mystery Shoppers, are they necessary?
Is advising me that if I tear the tag off my mattress I will be prosecuted, necessary?☺️

Yes, balances and checks are necessary as they help keep us inline with procedures & from coloring outside of the lines that are in place to ensure a unified positive experience for both the Employees and Customer.

Yes, sometimes Mystery Shopper results can seem skewed and are not in your favour, especially when a portion of your bonus is dependant on the results.

So what can you do when the results are poor?

👉Do not react emotionally and blame everyone.
👉Sit back, extract and review the 20% that delivers the 80% of the Employee and Customer experience.
👉There is always some truth with what was reported, even though you may disagree Do not take it personally.
👉Review with your Management Team within 24 hours of the visit and develop an action plan.
👉Learn, react and sustain to improve these results.
👉Please react to the findings like a grown up.

And when the results are PHENOMENAL?

Celebrate & share the result with everyone. If there is a name of a Team Member on the report, make sure to congratulate them & share what they have done.

⭐Do not forget to write this occasion in their file for future reference.⭐

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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