Murphy’s Law in Effect.

This is one of the first years in the last decade after finally being diagnosed with being BiPolar that everything was going well until 3 days ago…..when my car’s transmission blew up.

This 3000$ expense will drain my savings but I have learned that if this is the worst thing that comes my way with everything else that is going on then I am ok.

👉Perceiving a stressful situation in certain ways can either add fuel to the fire or let you just move on and wave while going by. …but this is all up to you and is not an easy task at hand. It all starts with:

1. Absorbing what is at hand.
2. Breathe in and out
3. Let yourself know that there are worse things that can happen to you.
4. Talk it out with friends and family or your dog 5. Ask for help. Asking for help is a strength and not a weekend’s.

👉Things always will ALWAYS get better, but it starts with you and how you want to handle it, …BUT if you still believe this is above you, THERE IS HELP out there and I beg you to reach out for it.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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