Mr. More vs Mr. Less

Hi, I’m Mr.More and this is my counterpart Mr. Less and we work in combination to hopefully bring you financial success. – LOL LOL LOL.

👉At what point in a mathematical equation does less equal more, supposedly in Retail when you ask your Team to Manage the Floor with less time and equipment that erode your Core.

It always amazes me that when Financial Goals are not met or there is Panic at the Disco the first thing to go by the wayside is labour.

What will it take to realize that cutting back on Labour only adds additional Stress and increases Everyones work load to a point where catching up will need a miracle to which can only be supplied by the Team you cut back. SLAP!

👉How does this make sense to anyone?

👉Here is a simple idea before engaging Mr.Less:

👉Evaluate the Teams efficiency to be their best.


👉Evaluate the wasted time spent in the office by your Leader, as they need to be on the floor steering their Ship and be a Teacher.

But guess what they can only Steer their Ship if they have right balance of Mr. More on their Team and not Mr.Less fucking things up.


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