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The following is a PHENOMENAL article from a colleague of mine, David Porteous about Millennials. He has influenced many of his peers during his tenures in different roles.

Here is his take on Millennials.

I would like to talk about how to motivate and engage Millennials in the workplace to achieve high performance colleagues. I used to be the Vice President of an organization and had left my role to pursue other interests, I was hired by a large grocery chain and was able to lead a team of 400 colleagues from different generations , Baby boomers all the way to Generation Z’s. I was not used to working on the ground floor as I have been in senior executive roles most of my career, so I took it upon myself to understand how to motivate and understand my teams needs to achieve the highest performance standards in the industry.

I started with understanding how to get the most out of the biggest segment of employees, the Millennials, here are some of the actions I took to create the best team in Western Canada.

I sat down with hundreds of my colleagues with the intent of getting to know each colleague as a person not an employee, we went into several details; such as personal information , current role with the company, what motivates them as an employee and how you like to be managed. After taking notes I had a file on each employee’s needs and was able to work with my Asst managers and supervisors on a plan how to tailor a specific way of managing each employee. My finding from all my meetings was interesting.

The information I got back from the employee’s was pretty much the same. The colleagues want to be treated with respect , clear direction and follow up from their direct report , keep things real and positive in conversations , encourage my personal development , understand my needs outside of work.

It’s really important as a leader to ensure Millennials feel a great comfort coming to work each and everyday , it takes true leadership to get to know all your colleagues and have a special relationship with the team individually. I can attest to the fact that the more positive environment you build in your organization will bring morale and performance to a level you never thought possible.

The last 10 years has been the greatest learning experience of my career, learning how to connect with all Generational colleagues and build high performance teams.

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