When the Cat is away?

Hello, is there anyone out there?
I find it amazing that even though the #Retail scheduling systems in place are a gift from Corporate, there always seems to be someone missing on the floor.

Is this an error, or is the system working correct!y?

Before blaming the system you need to ask yourself:
As the face that runs the place have I ensured that the following are living and breathing?

👉Everyone is being held accountable to the task they have been scheduled for.
👉The expectations of the task are clear.
👉Someone has actually checked up with the #Team during their shift.

Do you know what happens if any of the 3 don’t happen?
As the saying goes – When the Cat’s away the Mice will play.

When the Mice are allowed to play, their natural instincts come out:
🔥They congregate & talk trash about everyone, including you & turn a blind eye to everything else.
🔥Out comes the Smartphone, & there goes the Customer Service.
🔥The darkest corners will become hiding places.

So before taking out the mouse traps, start pointing your fingers inwards, & get the fuck out on the floor & take control of the opportunity yourself before you lose that one sale that puts you over your
budget for the day.


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