👉Holding a Retail Group Meeting?

It’s not a simple task nowadays where everyone is distracted by a common device and therefore their attention to the subject matter being presented will be diluted and a Game of Broken Telephone will develop.

👉Before I share the 5 Simple Meeting Rules; it should be made clear that the following House Rules need to be in place.

1. Smartphones need to be turned off and only used at break time without exception.

2. Notes need to be taken in any format that they like to use. Supply paper and pens if necessary.

3. This is a Safe Zone where ideas, opportunities, likes and dislikes are brought to the table without reprecussion.

4. Use Sticky Notes and develop a “Parking Lot” to place questions for a later discussion so the flow of the meeting is not constantly interrupted.

5. Have Fun, be Genuine and be Transparent.

…..and here are the 5 Simple Meeting Rules:

1. Have an AGENDA and send it out beforehand.
2. NO HIDDEN AGENDA. Follow the script.
3. RESPECT everyone’s view. Control the room when
4. COMMIT to sticking to the begninng, middle and
end times.
5. DOCUMENT the decisions and commitments and send them to the attendees within 48 hours.

Have other practices that are working for you? Please share and comment below.

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