Hi, My Name is Mediocre.

You may know me as the Employee who JUST does what they are supposed to do.

✔️No Frills.
✔️No Surprises.
✔️I am Consistent.
✔️I always score an Acceptable on my Evaluation.

Then why am I not being recognized by my Peers or You Mr. / Ms. Manager?

👉Is it because I am not a Kiss Ass.
👉Is it because I am not a need to know it all and let everyone know that?
👉Is it because I get my job done in in 40 hours and not the 60 Bragging hours like others?

Stop the Madness,

Stop the Press,

Just plain old Stop it.

We the “Mediocore” are the first ones that will:
👍Come in when someone is sick.
👍Will not complain when asked to work Overtime.
👍Will follow direction.
….but remember: WE WILL BE THE FIRST ONES TO FIND ANOTHER JOB; just because we are doing ours as described in our Job Description.

💥Now isn’t that a kick in your Human Resources Sustainment and Succession plan.

🛑STOP putting the “Others” on their Pedestal just because they are LOUD, OBNOXIOUS and do YOUR Job.

💫START RECOGNIZING US, otherwise you will not know what YOU have lost until we are gone.

Mr. Mediocore

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.


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