Employee Recognition: Make it Personal.

👉We would all like our Teams to fall inline and be the shining example to each other, but really, really does that ever happen?

When it does, what do you do?

Do you recognize the behaviour you are so looking for, or do you just let it drop by your wayside because you are too busy to take a minute out of your business day that is spent in the office contemplating what you are going to eat during your break.

All it takes is a couple of seconds to take someone aside to thank them by:

⭐A high five.
⭐Personal note.
⭐A mention during your monotonous morning meetings.

However you do it, just do it. A culture of recognition goes a long way and that little spark you lit in the Employee you recognized will not go unnoticed.

BUT…..👉you need to make this a habit, as where there is smoke there is fire. Everyone appreciates some form of recognition, it is your mission to find out what floats their boat and jump on board it.

Please remember to copy the recognition given into the Employees file, so when it comes to evaluation time you are just not sitting there scratching your head and thinking of things to write.

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