I’m a Magic Man.

I’m a Magic Man 🌞
….a least in Retail.

After 35+ years I carry with me a bag of tricks that encompasses all corrners of this Soap Opera we call #Retail.

These tricks cover, #HumanResources, #Marketing, #Accounting, #Psychology, #Inventory, #Merchandising, #Coaching and even Babysitting.

If I run into a speedbump on the daily road of Retail #Operations, all I need to do is reach into this bag and grab some true, tried and tested tricks that have worked before, but this time its a different audience so they may be a littie rusty but will come to life with a few shakes of the wrist.


👉🏽 And then a Rabbit appears.

Being a great Magician will bring you accolades, help you shorten your work week and look like a Wizard to others

….but what is the use of this AMAZING POWER if you don’t have an #Apprentice.

One of these days you will be moving on to something bigger and better and need to share your catalogue of tricks; so why not START NOW?

🤓 Or are you just a shelfish prick…..?

Having an Apprentice will not only allow you to move on, but will develop another Magician that can put their own spin on your tricks to which your legendary #Leadership status will move on.


Drop the Mic and Enjoy the Veal.

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Have a PHENOMENAL 🤩 Day.

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