Steps to Letting an Employee go.

Firing or letting someone go is not always easy, unless…..they made it so through some stupid actions such as….well you know them.

What happens to the under performer that no longer fits into your long-term plans due to their performance?

🔥Well, unfortunately many of us will let them ride on due to not wanting to take the time to try to turn to around this Employee or spend your energy towards hiring a new one.🔥

Well too bad so sad.

The process to let someone go may be longer than you would like but it needs to be a FAIR one.

What does FAIR mean?

Well, that can be interpreted in many ways but:

👉Step 1

It all starts with letting that Employee know your concern about their performance and that you will be giving them the opportunity to turn around the identified opportunities.

This is the initial step.

👉Step 2

DO NOT hand the Employee an already filled out Action / Performance Plan as this becomes your Plan and not one owned by the Employee.

Develop an Action Plan together and therefore there is now two stakeholders and a partnership for success.

👉Step 3

Schedule realistic check in dates that will allow you to measure the identified behaviours and or actions. During this check in, have the Employee review what they have done FIRST, then it will be your turn.

Remember that the Employee is the owner of this plan.

👉Step 4

Listen, listen and listen to the Employee.

Once the Employee is finished presenting what they have or have not achieved, it is now your turn as a Coach to review your thoughts.

🤙Step 4.2765

Don’t forget to be documenting this conversation and all other conversations dealing with this identified opportunity for future reference (Yearly Evaluations).

👉Step 5

Well this one is now in your hands as the initial process has been started and the lines of communication and feedback have been opened and the Employee knows where they stand.

Remember, if an Employee is fired and is surprised, your level of transparency and clear communication may have been muddled and therefore you were not fair to the Employee.

👉Step 6

  • Check for understanding.
  • Have the Employee re explain to you what they just heard.
  • Afterwards please have them sign the documented conversation or Action Plan that you both agreed on.
  • Make 2 copies. One for the Employee and 1 for their file.

👉Step 7

If the process was followed through and have demonstrated POSITIVE RESULTS: Congratulations.

If not, please ensure that the appropriate documented steps are being followed through according to your Human Resources policy.

At this point your Human Resource representative can help guide you if you need further assistance towards letting your Employee go.

Since you have done the appropriate steps and were fair, honest, and transparent you should not be nervous or second guess the determined outcome….BUT believe me the butterflies in your stomach will ALWAYS be there.

Yes, there is more to this and I can write pages on this subject, but in the spirit of keeping it simple in Retail:

NO EMPLOYEE should be surprised when they are let go due to Performance Issues.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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