Open Door Policy.

True Story.

πŸ‘‰ I was once asked by my Manager why I requested that all Office Doors facing the Sales Floor are kept closed during Store Hours .

I let Mr. R know this was due to Security reasons as:

1. There is shit load of confidetial paperwork lying around, since no one thinks these confidential items need to be under lock and key.

2. Anyone can come into the office and hold a weapon to you and get you to grab the cash or even hold someone hostage.

– Unfortunately I have experience both #1 and #2.

He politely stated that keeping an Office Door closed goes against the Open Door policy & refused to understand that the meaning of an Open Door Policy is not a physical one.

🫒 Do you know what an Open Door Policy means I asked him?
He shook his head and walked away, like all good Leaders do when they are challenged.


πŸ™ An Open Door Policy is a great tool to have as it creates a “Safe Place” for an open discussion which may bring forward necessary information that you were not aware of that will allow you to Steer your Ship during an oncoming storm.

But do I dare call B-S that this is happening as it needs to be per your Corporate direction (& is there actually one)?

Is the feedback that was taken & documented shared with your Support Team’s?

Or is it just filed away hoping it will disappear as it will become more work on your plate & will open Pandora’s Box to which you might have a hand in it?

Nah, that would never happen.
Sorry about the rant ;).

Please ensure that when someone uses the Open Policy that all information shared is:
⭐ Kept Confidential.
⭐ Handled Accordingly within the proper Teams.
⭐ & in a Timely Manner.

Otherwise just consider yourself a “Dum, Dum”


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