…and here comes Latuda (sounds like a Fart).

#Seroquel, #ValproicAcid and now #Latuda. I have finally reached the level of needing an anti-psychotic that I see advertised on television with that long list of potential side effects. Yay me.

I have now been on this drug for a little over 2 weeks, and do you know what? No side effects but it did help me get over the muscle aches that Bi-Polar depression brings alongside. No muscle aches allows me to be more active and actually get out of bed without wanting to just lay down and expire….and oh ya: I can not forget those random hand movements that throw my coffee across the room, but I have learned to live with those as I find that quite drole.

So this is now combination of how many drugs? At this point to me it does not really matter as I happily believe this is nearing the end of finding the right combination and as long as my kidneys and liver can keep up I should be ok. Due to the mixtures of medications I take, including diabetes, high blood pressure and cholestoral I need to get blood tests once a quarter to make sure everything is in check.

As I side note. it can take many. many, many years to find the right mixture of meds, but I am very lucky to have a Psychiatrist who is willing to work with me and most importantly listen to me

Alrighty then, lets keep my fingers crossed that this will put me on the path I need to finally be on to start to fulfill my goals and not set me back with the endless bouts of mood swings and tiredness that comes with the depression of being Bi-Polar 2.

Hear me Roar!

See me Soar!

I will be More!

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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