I have Labor Pains.

I am in Labor and it hurts.

You should be in the Labor process game if you are in Retail as well.

This is one of the largest expenses that you will have if you are not able to control your Labour pains in accordance with your sales and especially with the understanding of the going on’s of your Soldiers on the front line.


👉 Corporate Retail will always pressure you to cut back on your schedules (that were made 2 weeks in advance 🤪) because someone overextended their expenses during “ahem” the quarter doing store visits.

👉 Cutting back on Labor from a boardroom table and office perspective hurts everyone.

It hurts the:

🌟 Employee experience.
🌟 Customer experience.
🌟 Training and development of your Teams (as if it doesn’ already happens now 🤣).
🌟 The benefit program as everyone is falling on sick leave or short term disability

… and

⭐️ It kills your bottom line as your “High Fived” merchandising plans are not put into action; therefore your inventory levels increase with nowhere to go and collect dust.

⭐️ It increases shrink / theft levels as either the Customers realize that this an opportunity to fill their pockets or that your Team is so fed up of being overworked they have decided to take this wage gap into their own hands or should I say pockets.

⭐️ Your Associate turnover becomes a turnstile as no one wants to be overworked when they hear that Upper Management continues to push down these new programs without ever being in a store.

… therefore your Labor costs have increased due to additional training.

Oy Vey.

When will this cycle end?

It won’t unless;

👉🏽 You get into the field with your Soldiers who are working tirelessly everyday day to achieve these unrealistic targets.
Set and be the example for others to follow.
Live a day or let’s stretch it to a week in their shoes.

👉🏽 You put your tail between your legs and ask the field, what is going on and how YOU can help the situation based on facts AND NOT the reports you are seeing.

👉🏽 Come up with a plan to recognize that there needs to be a tightening of the belt; but share it with the field detailing the:

Why is this being done?

When this new program will start and forecast the end date.

How this will be rolled out.

And finally,

What will be the expected outcome at the end of this?

Oh yeah,

Throughout all of this,

Be transparent as nowadays everyone has a bullshit radar.

Is that too much to ask?

Labour problems will not resolve themselves unless EVERYONE is a part of the piece of the puzzle and can see what the final picture looks like.


Oh Boy.

Just as a reminder that you will be receiving a hospital bill at the end of it all. That won’t go away.

This is the same for your Labor opportunities.

So if you add the losses vs the Labor you saved, was it really worth it?


Have a PHENOMENAL 🤩 Day.

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